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Jazz-Rosenberg Trio-6 cd

Jazz-Rosenberg Trio-6 cd

Jazz-Rosenberg Trio-6 cd

HASH: d88a137b893c1c4724522d409df32c4e9cbdbbd5

*Jazz-Rosenberg Trio-6

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 01 Viajeiro .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 03 Pent-up House.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 04 La Promenade .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 05 Embraceable You .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 06 Tears .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 07 The Zebra .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 08 Chez Moi .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 09 Stephanesque .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 10 I Surrender Dear .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 11 Donna Lee .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 12 Night and Day .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 13 Manoir De Mes Reves .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 14 Batida Diferente .mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Caravan/The Rosenberg Trio [Caravan] - 15 Manha de Carnaval ++.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 01 - It Don't Mean a Thing.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 02 - Django.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 03 - Tequila.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 04 - Miro Tata Mimer.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 05 - Theme From Mahogany.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 06 - Cherokee.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 08 - Guitar Boogie.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 09 - Rosemary's Baby.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 10 - Silk and Steel.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 11 - Cavatina (Theme from the Dee.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 12 - Hungaria.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 13 - Children of Sanchez.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 14 - Yours Is My Heart Alone.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 15 - Begin the Beguine.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 16 - Latscheben.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Gypsy Swing/Rosenberg Trio - GypsySwing - 17 - How Insensitive.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/01 - For Sephora.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/02 - Made For Isaak.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/03 - Blues For Ike.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/04 - Rumba Sunset.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/05 - Limehouse Blues.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/06 - Out Of Nowhere.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/07 - Spain.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/08 - Summertime.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Live Jazz a Vienne-2000/09 - Autumn Leaves.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/01Don't Mean A Thing.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/02Django.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/03Tequila.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/04Miro Tata Mimer.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/05Theme From Mahogany.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/06Cherokee.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/07Bluesette.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/08Guitar Boogie.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/09Rosemary's Baby.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/10Silk And Steel.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/11Cavatina.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/12Hungaria.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/13Children Of Sanchez.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/14Yours Is My Heart Alone.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/15Begin The Beguine.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/16Latscheben.mp3

+Rosenberg Trio-Rosenberg Trio/17How Insensitive.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/01 - All God's Chillun Got Rhythm.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/02 - I Thought About You.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/03 - It's You Or No One.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/04 - I Hear Music.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/05 - Honeysuckle Rose.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/06 - Someone To Watch Over Mei Got Rhythm.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/07 - Night And Day.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/08 - Them There Eyes.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-85 And Still Swinging With Stephane Grapelli/09 - Limehouse Blues.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/01 - noches calientes.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/02 - tango op. 165 nr. 2.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/03 - 2 the night.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/04 - querer.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/05 - el noi de la mare.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/06 - medley paco de lucia.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/07 - adagio from; concierto de aranjuaz.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/08 - noveleo.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/09 - rumba's sunset.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/10 - chanson anonyme.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/11 - sonata in d-dur.mp3

+The Rosenberg Trio-Noches Calientes-1998/12 - el testament d'amelia.mp3

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