Friday, May 4, 2012

Vader - Discography (1993-2009) [FLAC]

Vader - Discography (1993-2009) [FLAC]

Vader - Discography (1993-2009) [FLAC]

HASH: 3aa459e7d47b0a6cd5ff70571c7d04c747116d69


+And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw/CDImage.flac

+And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw/Covers/cd.JPG

+And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw/Covers/inside.JPG

+And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw/Covers/inside2.JPG

+And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw/Covers/Vader - And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw - Cover.jpg

+Black To The Blind/Vader - Black To The Blind.flac

+Blood/Vader - Blood.flac

+De Profundis/Vader - De Profundis.flac

+Future of The Past/Vader - Future of The Past.flac

+Impressions in Blood/Vader - Impressions in Blood.flac

+Kingdom/Vader - Kingdom.flac

+Lead Us!!!/Vader - Lead Us!!!.ape

+Lead Us!!!/V

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